Victory Rolls

A beautifully diverse style that is elegant, creative and bold.

 The women of the 1940’s had to be inventive to stay glamorous during the economic distress that came with these times of war. Many ladies were shipped off to the workforce, so this was a perfect way to style the hair off the face but still looked  feminine.

 Styling tools and products were limited as most metals were sent off or rationed to help the war effort. An example of this would be that instead of bobby pins, pipe cleaners were used to create curls and to secure the hair. 

This hairstyle is often said to acquire its name from the fighter plane maneuvers of World War II. The planes created an exhaust roll that remained in the sky after leaving the area and inspired many patriotic celebrities and civilians to adopt the name in honor of the soldiers returning home.

There are so many ways to achieve this look. Play around with the placement of the rolls to create a more modern/contemporary look.

This is my “how to” guide..

* Make sure the hair is completely dry.

* Section off each part of the hair where you want a roll to sit.

* Spray a bit of dry shampoo and hair spray onto the roots then back comb the hair in fine sections. Start at the root and work up to the mid lengths only. If done correctly the piece of hair should be able to stand up without flopping.

* If your hair is quite straight, curl the very ends with some tongs or some ghds. This will help to create the roll.

* Once each section has been done, smooth down with fine bristle brush and then roll into shape. without letting go, pin into place with kirby grips.

* Smooth and spray to finish.


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