This Ones For The Boys!

Welcome to the 21st century boys! I love the fact that you’ve decided to step up to the glam ladies and started to take good care of your appearances! Men’s hair trends have blossomed the last few years. Thankfully the barbers favorite “short back and sides” is well and truly a thing of the past.

This year 2012 has brought us an eclectic mix of modern looks… from the chic and contemporary  to the vintage and classic male. Old or young you can have a great style change just by selecting a new look that compliments your hair type and texture..

Below I’ve chosen a few of the best looks to cover the majority of hair types. So pick one and make it your own..

If in doubt I’m here to help!

The curly mop 

Think LMFAO… not quite an afro as the curls arn’t as tight but has a very similar rounded shape, this is perfect for Mr cool think brit-rock!

If your hair has a good curl and you never know how to style it when it’s short..then this is the style for you, let it grow if the length still isn’t there yet but have regular trims to form the shape of this style. For coarse curls and thick hair when damp apply a smoothing serum that has a slight hold to it, this will defuse the frizz and define the curls.

If your hair is fine and curly a salt spray would be ideal for this look at it wont weigh the hair down but will add some texture to fill out the shape.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeh…

The undercut

This is one of the key haircuts for 2012, its not for the wash and go type male as this look relies just as much on the styling as it does on the cut. There are many variations of this cut depending on how long you want the top section…the quiff is extremely popular at the moment but another way to wear this cut is flattened down into a fringe, the longer it is the more maintenance and styling it would need. This shape works brilliantly on curly/wavy or straight hair as these photos will show. I would recommend a good matt wax to style with also a salt spray to add texture, Dry shampoo is also good for adding bulk to hair when styling..  have a go and see what you think.

Shoulder length haircut

You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to pull this off! This style never goes out of fashion and its very versatile, Most hair types and textures work well in this cut. It’s a look that can manipulated to suit very different types of men, from the sleek smart business man to the tussled wind swept surfer boy to even the rough and messy indie boy.. you pick your choice..

Slicked smooth hair

Not only did Mad Men bring us riveting entertainment they brought back a 1930’s style with a modern twist. This strong shape is still very wearable and currently being used by the likes of Dolce & Gabbana on the catwalk.

This style is best suited to a male with straight hair as styling is very smooth and flat. Product wise if you want the extreme vintage 30’s look go with Brylcreem, for a softer finish spray hairspray onto your comb and smooth through the top section to give a clean side pertain. The lines on this cut must be very sharp the sides should  be undercut as more length is needed on top to give the strength in the parting


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