The Oscars 2012 Red Carpet Trends

I love a good red carpet! Roll on the beauty’s with there amazing dresses, fantastic shoes and most importantly (to me) the trend setting hair styles.

This year the Oscars did not disappoint. There were many different styles but all worn with grace and elegance. Heres a few of my favorites.

Gweneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock both went with a variation of the pony tail..(which was a major trend in 2011 autumn/winter) Gweneth’s was low and soft which complimented the brightness of her dress, whilst Sandra Bullocks pony tail was high and sleek showing off the lovely thickness of her hair.

The bun was a popular choice too, used by Jennifer Lopez which worn on top of her head and back combed to give body and texture also Rooney Mara had a tight and sleek bun complimenting her straight contemporary fringe.

Its not all about the hair up though Angelina Jolie went with her signature look which was a soft loose blow dry..just beautiful. Penelope Cruz was very old school hollywood..her hair was set and curled to give a gorgeous finger wave the likes of Grace Kelly would be proud of. 

This just shows that at the moment anything goes.. so lets get experimenting ladies! xx


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