Festival Hair

Festival season has to be one of the most exciting and anticipated times of the year. Each festival has a special feel about it that’s almost magical.. whether it be the grandeur of Glastonbury or The garden party, Tea in the park, V festival…. the list goes on. In British culture at some point in your life you’re more than likely to experience at least one…and what an experience it will be!

Come rain or shine, the fashionistas come out to play. Here’s a few tips to make you stand out in the crowd.

Coloured hair

This has been a big trend for a few seasons now. You can use wigs, individual pieces, or coloured sprays to make a bold or subtle statement. This way you can have a different colour every day without ruining your hair: A colour for every mood.


Festival hair is not meant to be glamorous so stop stressing about your hair dryer and GHD’s… trust me you don’t need them. Think wavy/messy tousled hair this looks great especially when teamed with a headband or head tie.

For hair that needs some extra taming how about a twist on a traditional plait? think French, fish tail or knot you can make it as tight or loose as you feel fit.. either way this will look great.. be creative too, add a piece of lace or ribbon into the twists or even a flower..very 70’s hippy.  

Dry shampoo

We all know showering at festival is a pain in the ass, so this is a must buy.. not only does it hide greasy roots it gives volume and texture which is perfect for that messy festival look. Back comb into the crown to add extra ‘boof’.  My favorite!!

Finish with a sparkle

Glitter sprays look great in any colour hair so go mad.. Dont forget your face though get in the festival spirit by glitzing it up to the max.

Remember at a festival anything goes so don’t be scared!


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