Christian Grey Inspired..

Christian Grey..
You know exactly who I’m talking about… Ohh yes!
I think we would all secretly like to be Anastasia Steel for a day or maybe a week or well the rest of our lives! HaHa.

Unfortunately, these characters are fictional.. So instead, I have put together a collection of hairstyles inspired by events that took place in the book. This way, maybe the Christian Greys’ of the actual world will see and take notice..

The Red Room Pony Tail

Go for a messy plait or pony tail. Very easy to do but it’s a look that’s got attitude. Perfect for red room activities..

Glamorous sex hair

Curls created with tongs or ghd’s then ruffled up with fingers and dry shampoo to give a textured “just done” look. nice!

A look to Seduce over a “charity” dinner  

The classic chignon, this never fails to look amazing. It can be made to look retro, contemporary or messy depending on the amount of height through the front. 

The easiest way to achieve this style is to back comb all the hair, then smooth and twist it back and pin in place.  

Provocative Waves

A sexy style that’s definitely going to draw attention. This look can  be achieved by curling the hair in sections with ghd’s then brushed out with a wide tooth comb. For added body back comb the crown and parting area.

Another way to get this soft wave, is to comb some moose into slightly damp hair then put into medium to large rollers.  Make sure the hair completely dry before the rollers are taken out, again brush out with a wide tooth comb. Lovely

Office Couture

Professional, sleek and totally hot. The hair up that shows you mean business. It looks a lot harder to do than it is.

Follow these steps; 

  1. Comb the hair into a high ponytail.
  2. Pull it through a netted donut and pin in place.
  3. Back comb the ponytail until it is big and full, then smooth over the donut and secure in place with pins.

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